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Recognizing the need for IT professionals to have a truly independent tool for pricing telecommunications products, we created a site that utilizes the capabilities of many authorized Telecom Carrier's independent agents.
Our Agents represent all the major telecom carriers for voice data and colocation. 

  • Our goal is to provide you with timely and accurate pricing from all the carriers in your location.
  • Your dedicated account representative will also place your order directly with the carrier and will coordinate the provisioning process with customer, carrier, and involved vendors. 
Our approach to how we run our business is based on the highest levels of professionalism. We take great pride in being responsive, paying attention to details, and exceeding your expectations. Our service and support truly sets us apart from others. From the pricing we provide, to the support you will receive expediting your order, outstanding performance is key. 

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Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.


Why more businesses are choosing our independent agents instead of direct representatives to acquire telecommunications services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sales is a high turnover profession. Mergers and acquisitions make it highly unlikely that your original direct sales rep will still be there to assist you within a year. By using an Independent Telecom Agent, you can be sure that, regardless of continued merger activity or bankruptcies, your Agent will not be laid off or fired and will continue to have the same contact phone number and email address. They will continue to supply all of the options you need.

Single Point of Contact Single Point of Contact – SAVE TIME.

Whether your Independent Telecom Agent recommends a single T3 internet carrier solution or a multi-carrier solution, you still have a single point of contact to deal with who knows your account best. The number of appointments with different carriers you have to schedule could easily reach up to a dozen before an educated decision is made for your telecom solutions. A qualified Independent Telecom Agent can evaluate your company’s needs in a single meeting.

Person who understands your company

Your Independent Telecom Agent acts as an assistant buyer once he/she understands your business needs and preferences.

You get to hear the truth!

When you use an experienced Independent Telecom Agent, you tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of someone who has been in the field for many years, working with multiple carriers. Your agent can tell you how the carriers really perform – who has the most reliable network – which has billing problems – who is going bankrupt and who can make the desired install date? Why would you want to repeat that process every couple of years?

Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and their product lines

Since most carriers have gone to term agreements, it’s key to get set up with a carrier that can move with your needs. Do they have MPLS? Do they do SIP trunking? Can they offer an Can they offer an IP-VPN solution for your remote sites? Your Independent Telecom Agent knows the carriers’ products and limitations, and can put you in the right solution.

Agents are invested in your success long term.

Independent Telecom Agents are commission only, and residual based, earning a small percentage of the monthly bill. There is no motivation for a direct representative to speak to you again after you sign. You are directed to deal with the carriers call center. However Independent Telecom Agent’s goal is to build a book of business of satisfied customers with minimal issues. They have EVERY motivation to assist you in solving any service issues that you may ever have. A good Independent Telecom Agent becomes part of your team, allowing you to take care of your business.

They don’t have a quota.

It is very common for Independent Telecom Agents to uncover up to 10-20% of pure fluff on your bill during the auditing process. Direct representatives have a quota to make and will often sell you what is good for them, not what is good for you. Top Independent Telecom Agents, almost without exception; do not carry quotas and tend to be “solutions oriented” rather than to be motivated only by quotas.

Extra Incentives and Promotions.

Independent Telecom Agents are typically more knowledgeable, better trained, and set proper expectations with the clients. Agent channels often have promotions or incentives for the customer that the direct agent hasn’t been given. If the direct representatives have promotions available, they are often compensated extra if they do not use them. Their clients tend to remain clients longer, and it is more cost effective for the carriers to deal with Agents.

Same Standard Pricing is used in the Agent Channel and the direct channel.

For large projects, special pricing is available to both Agent and direct channels at the same amounts. It’s an incredible model that helps customer and agent win, and insures all clients are treated equally.

Next Generation Technology

Independent Telecom Agents will typically be better versed in MPLS, IP-VPN, VOIP, hosted solutions, call center applications, and SIP technologies since they need to understand multiple carriers’ offerings and have attended their trainings. Direct representatives may not have the overall understanding of all that is coming with new technology.



American Telephone Company
Your Telecommunications Solutions Provider   American Telephone Company is more than just a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier; ATC is an end-to-end telecommunications consulting and management company. Our vision is to provide businesses with consultative solutions, unparalleled service and Industry Best Customer Care. We deliver a broad array of telecommunications solutions including voice, data, internet, VoIP and hosted PBX.

American Telephone Company is proud to offer telecommunications solutions and services that are second to none in their quality, versatility and cost competitiveness. ATC has partnered with a variety of facilities based carriers that include ILEC’s, Broadband Providers and CLEC’s to offer our customers a complete variety of turnkey solutions. The ATC product portfolio offers solutions that will help your business maximize profit while minimizing hassle and cost.

Central to ATC’s success is our commitment to Industry Best Customer Care. As part of that commitment every ATC customer is assigned a personal Customer Care Specialist who will act as a single point of contact to help meet the needs of your business.

 ACC Business 
ACC Business was founded on a simple idea: provide small to mid-sized businesses first-rate telecom services with dedicated customer service, all at a competitive price.

ACC Business provides all of its customers' access to the AT&T Network, the largest, most advanced and reliable telecommunications network in the world. The AT&T Global Network is constantly enhanced, upgraded and monitored for excellence, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your important calls and data will get through.

Straightforward telecommunications that small and growing businesses can rely on, that's our business. In fact, with ACC Business, customer service means access to a real person in real time. Put that together with a suite of essential data and voice services and it becomes clear why small and mid-sized businesses across the country are joining ACC Business.


Verizon Communications Inc. (Verizon) is a provider of communications services. The Company has two primary segments: Domestic Wireless and Wireline. Domestic Wireless's products and services include wireless voice, data services and other value-added services and equipment sales across the United States. Wireline's communications services include voice, Internet access, broadband video and data, next generation Internet protocol (IP) network services, network access, long distance and other services. It provides these services to consumers, carriers, businesses and government customers both in the United States and internationally in 150 countries. In August 2008, Verizon announced that Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of the Company and Vodafone Group Plc, had completed its purchase of Rural Cellular Corporation, doing business as Unicel. In January 2009, Verizon Wireless completed its acquisition of Alltel Corporation from Atlantis Holdings LLC.

 New Breed 
has the ability to manage all of your wireless needs by offering Verizon Wireless services to our business customers through our partnership with The Beacon Group; one of a select  few companies in the country that are Solution Providers for both Verizon Communications and Verizon Wireless. 

New Breed is able to offer Verizon’s full suite of wireless products and services to business clients.


  • Corporate & Consumer pricing Matrix
  • No Subsidy of equipment. Same pricing as corporate
  • Non-Standard monthly access discounts
  • Direct Fulfillment access – no trips to the Verizon Store
  • Less Hassle: NO MAIL IN REBATES!
  • Single point of contact for activations & processing.
  • Low maintenance for trouble shooting or customer post-sale.
Verizon Wireless delivers value, cost-savings, and the highest customer satisfaction rating to business customers. With PDA devices such as the Blackberry or Android, or wireless data cards for the laptop, Verizon remains the business leader in maximizing mobile work productivity for business customers. Let us show you how Verizon Wireless can provide your mobile workforce with a virtual office no matter where they are located (including internationally!).

Concerned about early termination fees with your existing carriers? Certain promotions with Verizon
Wireless can provide enough cash flow to far exceed these liabilities! You'll be able to take advantage of the nation’s number one wireless network with discounted wireless services, waived activation fees, and special handset pricing for corporate accounts of 5 lines or more.

New Breed has already helped many customers save money while benefiting from Verizon Wireless’ superior service. Recently a  New Jersey company with 237 lines was able to save over $36,800
over the life of their contract by switching to Verizon Wireless.  


Chapter One: In the Beginning
1998 - 1999

In 1998, our founders, Jay Adelson and Al Avery, were working on a research project as facilities managers at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). They toiled in the basement of the R&D department, developing ideas that would later become the PAIX®*, or the Palo Alto Internet Exchange.

During this time, the Internet was expanding at an unprecedented rate. But due to its structural limitations, traffic congestion was the norm. The Internet needed to expand if it was to survive.

Early on, Adelson and Avery recognized the need to provide physical connection points where networks could interconnect. However, they knew this site needed to be run by a neutral party to avoid the competing interests of various telecommunication providers. Adelson and Avery called this neutral party a Neutral Internet Exchange (NIX).

Their business idea was simple, yet groundbreaking—create physical places for networks to exchange critical information.

In creating their new company, Adelson and Avery brought together several guiding principles—equality, neutrality, and "eliminating the middleman." Their business vision? To unite major networks and interconnect content companies. They built data centers not just for colocation but for exchanging traffic. They knew these centers would have to have world-class security and operational reliability to attract the telecommunications companies.

In April of 1998, several of Silicon Valley’s pioneer companies invested in Adelson and Avery’s vision. On June 22, 1998, Equinix was incorporated.

Soon the first-ever International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) center was built in Ashburn, Virginia. Called DC1, the data center opened on July 27, 1999. The DC1 IBX included the signature architectural elements of many of Equinix’s future centers—the mantrap, five levels of biometric security, and the red silo.

* PAIX is a registered trademark of Switch & Data Facilities Co., Inc.

Chapter Two: Growth
1999 - 2000

In 1999, the Equinix management team was coming together and their primary goal was to help Equinix attract networks. The company goal was to open IBX centers in 40 cities in two years.

Equinix attracted networks by “matchmaking” with content companies. An early victory occurred when Equinix brought in two major networks—AT&T and UUNet.

During this time, the Internet continued to expand at breakneck speed, but it was still inefficient, causing major slowdowns. To better handle the growth of the Internet, seven major networks planned to join forces and interconnect with each other under one data center provider’s roof. They chose Equinix. Once the major networks established a Point of Presence (PoP) in Equinix centers, content companies began to come to Equinix in droves, looking to reach the eyeballs of the major network customers.

In April of 2000, SV1 was opened. In August of 2000, the Equinix IPO raised over $270 million.

Chapter Three: Survivor
2001 - 2002

As the dot-com bubble burst, the entire industry was sent into a tailspin. Many telecommunications companies left the colocation data center business. Equinix stayed true to its original business and proved to be one of the few survivors.

Having just opened the largest data center in the industry, the company was in a tenuous position. By the second half of 2002, the economy showed signs of recovery. In December 2002, Equinix restructured its business to gain financial stability and acquired Pihana Pacific and i-STT, two network-neutral data center providers serving the Asia-Pacific region.

By December of 2002, company debt was restructured, and Equinix set out on a growth plan.

Chapter Four: Rebirth
2003 - 2004

Experts say Equinix survived the dot-com meltdown for one reason: if it shut down, the information economy itself would be compromised. The seven major networks that joined forces to choose Equinix data centers to create an interconnection hub, and their customers, helped sustain the company for the long run.

Equinix began to expand by purchasing the data centers left behind by the telecommunication companies that abandoned the data center business during the dot-com bust. In October 2003, Equinix subleased a data center located in Santa Clara, California. In April 2004, Equinix signed a long-term lease for an additional 95,000 square feet of data center space adjacent to its Washington DC IBX Center. That same month, Equinix acquired a 103,000 square foot data center in San Jose, California.

In 2003 and 2004, Equinix was the best performing stock on the NASDAQ.

Chapter Five: Expansion
2005 - 2007

By 2005, Equinix was aggressively growing. The company leased seven new data centers. But by 2006, the market had settled and customers’ requirements for colocation and interconnection were changing. The company began to build the next generation of IBX centers, better suited to handle new high power density operations. In the same year, Equinix opened new IBX centers in Chicago, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles.

2007 was an even bigger year. In January, the company acquired an expansion data center in Tokyo. In February, a significant investment allowed incremental expansion of the Singapore IBX. In March, a new IBX was built on the Washington DC area campus. And in June, Equinix purchased a site for a new data center in the Los Angeles market and announced the expansion of SV2 IBX.

That same month, the company shared its intention to acquire IXEurope, a leading provider of colocation services in Europe. In September, the IXEurope deal was finalized, strengthening Equinix’s position as the world’s leading global data center and interconnection provider.

Chapter Six: Looking Forward
2008 and beyond

As the company looks forward into 2008 and beyond, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the vitality of the information-driven world. This means that we will:

    * constantly strive to evolve, cultivate and share our industry insights with our customers;
    * seek opportunities to continue to expand in key markets;
    * act upon industry trends that will affect our business and the businesses of our customers.

At Equinix, our vision and expertise are at your service.


PaeTec Communications

PAETEC Holding Corp. (PAETEC) is engaged in providing large, medium-sized, and small business customers in metropolitan areas with a package of integrated communications services that includes local and long distance voice, data, and broadband Internet access services. It is a holding company that conducts its operations through wholly-owned subsidiaries. PAETEC provides a range of voice and data services on a retail basis to large, medium-sized, and small business customers. As of March 1, 2009, PAETEC delivers its communications services in 42 states and the District of Columbia. On February 8, 2008, the Company acquired McLeod USA.

Founding Principles

PAETEC was founded in 1998 when CEO Arunas A. Chesonis and a core team of executives recognized that existing telecommunications providers were failing to respect the most important factor governing the long-term success of any business - first-rate customer service.

Today, PAETEC delivers personalized communications solutions and unmatched service to business-class customers in more than 83 percent of the nation's top 100 metropolitan areas. We are the premier alternative to the ILECs, based on our nationwide footprint, breadth of products, and quality of service.

PAETEC's data and voice products - and our unique value-added offerings - help customers achieve cost-effective solutions.
Corporate Mission
PAETEC's corporate mission is to be the most customer and employee-oriented communications provider.

Optimum Lightpath 

Optimum Lightpath, a division of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC), and an industry leader in providing advanced Ethernet-based data, Internet, voice, video transport solutions and managed services over its Intelligent Enterprise Network, uses the power of its reliable and resilient fully fiber optic network to deliver these solutions to businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Since its formation almost 20 years ago, Optimum Lightpath has built an advanced fiber-to-the-business-premises network extending 3,694 route miles throughout the tri-state area with 3,060 fiber-lit buildings. As a result of owning and maintaining this state-of-the-art network, Optimum Lightpath is able to reliably provide scalable, high-capacity IP-based Metro Ethernet services that support high bandwidth data, Internet, voice and video applications that dramatically improve the enterprise customer's quality of experience.
Optimum Lightpath has been recognized for 10 straight years by the New York State Public Service Commission for delivering highly personalized customer service superior to the competition. This year, the Company was named 2008 Frost & Sullivan North American Ethernet Service Emerging Company of the Year. In 2007, Optimum Lightpath was named Heavy Reading's North American Ethernet Service Provider of the Year for Regional Innovation and named Best North American Regional Service Provider of the Year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Optimum Lightpath was one of the first service providers in the world and the only North American MSO to earn Carrier Ethernet certification from the MEF.

Redefining Business Communications
For nearly two decades, Optimum Lightpath has been at the forefront of business communications, delivering unsurpassed data, Internet, voice and video transport solutions, as well as managed services, designed to help organizations increase productivity, improve operational flexibility and reduce costs.

The Power of Metro Ethernet
There are several reasons Metro Ethernet is becoming the communications service of choice for businesses.

•    Metro Ethernet is extremely reliable. Today's carrier-class Ethernet, with unmatched reliability and sub-50 millisecond network recovery, is designed to deliver the quality of service the most demanding businesses require.
•    Metro Ethernet is scalable. It can handle whatever level of bandwidth you need now, or will need in the future - from speeds of 10 megabits per second to hundreds of gigabits per second.
•    Metro Ethernet is simple. Ethernet is a ubiquitous technology that is already the backbone of local area networks in 99% of businesses throughout the world. What could be easier or more seamless than a handoff to a wide-area Ethernet network?
•    Metro Ethernet is cost-effective. Metro Ethernet from Optimum Lightpath can deliver significant savings as compared with traditional telecom services.

Unrivaled Communications Solutions
Our Metro Ethernet services can provide your organization with benefits that are crucial in today's business market:
•    Simplified, flat-rate pricing
•    Unmatched reliability
•    Bandwidth ranging from 10 Mbps to hundreds of gigabits
•    Potential for incredible savings over your current provider

A Network Built for Business

To deliver our advanced Metro Ethernet solutions, Optimum Lightpath draws on the power of our expansive fiber-to-the-premise Intelligent Enterprise Network, which extends 3,694 route miles - 193,254 actual miles - throughout the tri-state area. In fact, 3,060 commercial buildings across the tri-state area are connected to the Intelligent Enterprise Network. Because we own, manage and maintain our own network with 4-fiber protection and 24/7 monitoring, we can ensure the quality of our customers' experience, while supporting each organization with highly reliable, scalable, IP-based communications solutions.

Award-Winning Service and Support 24/7
•    Every year since 1998, the New York State Public Service Commission has awarded Optimum Lightpath its "Commendation for

Excellent Service"
•    In 2008, Frost and Sullivan named Optimum Lightpath its North American Ethernet Service Emerging Company of the Year
•    In 2007, the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) named Optimum Lightpath its North American Regional Service Provider of the Year
•    In 2006, the MEF named Optimum Lightpath its North American Carrier Ethernet Provider of the Year for Outstanding Innovation
•    Also in 2006, Optimum Lightpath became one of the first service providers in the world - and the only Multi-Service Operator in North America - to earn Carrier Ethernet certification from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) - the preeminent worldwide organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Carrier Ethernet networks and services

Covad Communications 

Covad is in the business of broadband. As the first company to commercially deploy DSL in the United States, our heritage is broadband innovation. We own and operate the largest national broadband network, and today we are the only national facilities-based provider of data, voice, and wireless telecommunications solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We are also a key supplier of high-bandwidth access for telecommunications services providers like EarthLink, AOL, and AT&T. Covad broadband and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services are currently available in 44 states and 235 major markets and can be purchased by more than 57 million homes and businesses.

Our nationwide network is just the beginning. As market leaders, we make sure our customers are a step ahead—improving communications in their businesses and their homes. Creating and offering products and services that meet customer needs is a vital ingredient in our strategy. As pragmatic innovators, we invest in what we know will propel us ahead of the competition so that our business customers stay ahead of their competition.

Be it VoIP, high-speed Internet access, or broadband wireless, we seek to innovate in all aspects of our business to ensure that our customers always have a better choice in communications.

The Covad Network

Covad’s nationwide, broadband network was designed with businesses like yours in mind. Unlike many consumer-focused providers that just use the public Internet, Covad’s network is managed for Covad customers. That means Covad can offer the highest speed data, the highest quality voice calls, and maximum reliability so you can focus on business, not your broadband connection.

How the Covad network brings your business superior performance and reliability:

    * Broadband for business—Our advanced network design creates priority paths for voice over IP to help ensure seamless traffic for both.
    * Managed for optimization—Covad integrates your phone system with a managed broadband connection that is optimized for voice; Covad manages the quality of service, to help ensure voice traffic gets the highest priority.
    * Industry-standard technology—The latest technologies from industry-leading companies such as Cisco Systems help to achieve the network’s fast Internet access speeds and maximum availability of services.
    * Personal Support—Nationwide technical teams back up the Covad network infrastructure with a decade of experience leading the industry in broadband connectivity.

Product Information

DSL—Covad provides a variety of DSL services to meet the needs of growing business customers.

T1—Many business customers demand the high-bandwidth and reliability of a T1 service which is backed by service-level agreements.

VoIP (integrated voice and data service)—Covad is a leader in bringing the small to medium business a quality phone service and high-bandwidth broadband together in one service.

Business Essential Services—Covad Business Essentials provide cost-effective security and business services—including managed firewall and VPN, desktop and server protection, and email and web hosting—for businesses who are looking for the convenience of hosted and managed solutions along with the advantage of dealing with a single vendor.

Wireless—Covad Wireless services offer businesses T1-class wireless broadband that delivers fast, symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds. By delivering Internet access through an industry-leading wireless infrastructure, Covad Wireless services provide businesses a powerful alternative to standard T1 services.


The merger between MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy has closed.

The three companies are now one, under the MegaPath name. The new MegaPath offers a set of common nationwide voice, broadband, MPLS and VPN services for you to start selling now.

With the addition of resources, mature channels, and enhancements to the service portfolio, MegaPath expects the new company to extend theirr leadership position in the telecommunications industry. MegaPath will continue to work in a business-as-usual manner and will keep customers  informed as the integration progresses.
A town Hall-style meeting is planned soon where MegaPath will introduce the many of the unique advantages of the new MegaPath.

SAN JOSE, CA - September 1, 2010 - MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy today announced regulatory approval and the completion of their merger, creating a next generation Managed Services Local Exchange Carrier (MSLEC).

The new company will have relationships with more than 85,000 business customers and over 4,500 partners throughout North America. The combined company will be called MegaPath and will operate one of the largest end-to-end facilities-based IP communications networks in the country.
"For too long in the telecommunications industry, customer service and reliability have taken a back seat," said D. Craig Young, Chairman and CEO of MegaPath. "With the combination of MegaPath, Covad and Speakeasy, we are bringing to market a leading nationwide IP network to deliver a complete line of end-to-end managed services, including voice, data and security. Small, medium and large enterprises will now benefit from a new service provider that is willing to invest in advanced services, while remaining heavily focused on customer service."
With the combination of MegaPath, Speakeasy and Covad, the new MegaPath will provide a complete voice, access, private networking and managed security solution for business customers of all sizes with a turnkey solution for conducting business and communicating with customers, partners and employees. In addition, its leading voice services combine broadband and voice capabilities with Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring for superior call clarity, which is backed up by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).
The new MegaPath remains a privately held company. Moving forward, it will serve the market through two divisions: a wholesale operating division and a direct, business markets division. The Company's executive team includes D. Craig Young, former CEO of MegaPath, who now serves as Chairman and CEO; Pat Bennett, former CEO of Covad, as Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Wholesale Markets; and Bruce Chatterley, former CEO of Speakeasy, as President of the Business Markets unit in charge of all non-wholesale customer sales, service and marketing.
Financial terms of the merger were not disclosed.

About MegaPath
operates one of the largest end-to-end communications networks in the country. In 2010 the company combined with Speakeasy and Covad to form a single company providing a full range of nationwide IP voice, security, and VPN and Internet services. MegaPath helps more than 85,000 businesses of all sizes to easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, employees and business partners to lower costs, increase security and enhance employee productivity. To learn more about MegaPath's managed IP data, voice and security servic

About Covad

Covad i
s a leading national provider of integrated voice and data communications, combining broadband solutions with mission-critical service and support to create a superior customer experience. The company provides a wide range of access and hub aggregation services, including Ethernet, T1, and DSL. Covad manages a robust, next-generation IP/MPLS network that efficiently delivers integrated voice, video, and data solutions. With an expanded footprint supported in part by more than 4,400 COs, Covad broadband services are currently available across the nation in 45 states and 240 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and can be purchased by approximately 11 million businesses, representing over 60 percent of all U.S. businesses.

About MegaPath Inc.

is the leading provider of managed IP communications services in North America. MegaPath leverages its wide selection of broadband connectivity, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security technologies to enable businesses to lower costs, increase security and enhance productivity. Businesses of all sizes can easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, branch offices, retail locations, mobile workers, and business partners. To learn more about why over 19,000 companies have chosen MegaPath's managed IP data, voice and security services to improve their business communications,

About Speakeasy

is one of the nation's leading broadband voice (VoIP), data and IT service providers. Speakeasy helps small businesses succeed by offering simplified voice and data solutions that improve the customer experience, increase employee productivity and help cut costs. Based in Seattle, Speakeasy has provided award-winning customer service since 1994 and joined the Best Buy family of companies in April 2007, working with Best Buy for Business to champion technology for small businesses throughout the U.S.

Merger Will Combine Nation's Largest IP Broadband Footprint with Complete Suite of Managed Services

San Jose and Costa Mesa, CA, March 31, 2010 - Covad Communications Company, a leading national provider of IP broadband services, and MegaPath Inc., a leading provider of managed IP data, voice and security services in North America, today announced an agreement to combine the operations of Covad and MegaPath.

Pending federal and state regulatory approvals, the transaction will create one of the largest managed service local exchange carriers (MSLEC) in the United States. The combined businesses will have the largest Ethernet, DSL and T1 footprint in North America and be the only MSLEC capable of providing a full range of Internet, voice, security and VPN services nationwide.

"This transaction brings together two industry leaders who will focus on expanding service offerings and distribution channels to further our leadership positions in the SMB, enterprise and wholesale markets," said D. Craig Young, MegaPath CEO and the new Executive Chairman of the combined businesses. "By leveraging the strengths of each company, we will provide customers and partners with expanded expertise, broader innovative services and a powerful network that simplifies the way they communicate and conduct business online."

"We will continue to provide innovative services and superior automation to our wholesale partners, and by adding MegaPath's leading managed service offerings, we will further enhance the value we deliver to the market," said Pat Bennett, CEO of Covad, who will continue as Chief Executive Officer. "The combination of these two companies creates a powerful new business model that provides users and partners with the industry-leading connectivity and services they require to support their critical business communications needs."

Covad offers IP broadband services in more than 4,400 central offices nationwide through its commercial and wholesale distribution channels. Covad wholesale partners include leading providers such as AT&T, Verizon Business and Sprint; MegaPath delivers value-added communication services, including hosted VoIP, managed security, MPLS VPNs for connecting multiple sites, and SSL VPNs for connecting remote users and business partners. MegaPath distributes its services via a large direct sales force and channel sales partnerships, and has over 19,000 direct SMB and enterprise customers.

By combining Covad's robust network infrastructure with MegaPath's wide selection of products and value-added services, the transaction promises to provide the companies' partners and customers with a superior selection of cost-effective IP voice, data communications and security solutions.

"This is a great deal for Covad and MegaPath stakeholders and customers, creating an industry leader with the agility, expertise and resources to address customers' rapidly growing and changing communications needs," said Johnny O. Lopez, partner at Platinum Equity, which owns Covad. "With such complementary businesses, partners and customers will quickly see new services and capabilities that provide them even greater value, while the company realizes improved efficiencies and greater profitability, and enhanced opportunities for growth through acquisition."

The combined businesses will be owned by Platinum and MegaPath investors. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The transaction is subject to federal and state regulatory approvals and is expected to close by the end of Q3 2010.

About Covad
Covad is a leading national provider of integrated voice and data communications, combining broadband solutions with mission-critical service and support to create a superior customer experience. The company provides a wide range of access and hub aggregation services, including Ethernet, DSL, and T1. Covad manages a robust, next-generation IP/MPLS network that efficiently delivers integrated voice, video, and data solutions. With an expanded footprint supported in part by more than 4,400 COs, Covad broadband services are currently available across the nation in 45 states and 240 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and can be purchased by approximately 11 million businesses, representing over 60 percent of all U.S. businesses. Covad is located at 2220 O'Toole Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131. Website:

About MegaPath, Inc.
MegaPath is the leading provider of managed IP communications services in North America. MegaPath leverages its wide selection of broadband connectivity, Virtual Private Networks, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security technologies to enable businesses to lower costs, increase security and enhance productivity. Businesses of all sizes can easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, branch offices, retail locations, mobile workers, and business partners. To learn more about why over 19,000 companies have chosen MegaPath's managed IP data, voice and security services to improve their business communications, visit or call 1-877-MegaPath (634-2728).

About Platinum Equity
Platinum Equity is a global M&A&O® firm specializing in the merger, acquisition and operation of companies that provide services and solutions to customers in a broad range of business markets, including information technology, telecommunications, logistics, metals services, manufacturing and distribution. Since its founding in 1995 by Tom Gores, Platinum Equity has completed more than 100 acquisitions. For more information, go to

About Nitel
Nitel is a leading single-source provider of telecommunications network services nationwide.  Customers partner with us to simplify procurement, billing and maintenance of wholesale network services across a multitude of disparate networks.  Nitel gives our customers maximum reach by leveraging the networks of 100 top-tier carriers, including AT&T, Level 3, Verizon, Qwest and Global Crossing, to ensure the best network at the best price.

Customers who need to reach underserved or difficult-to-reach areas trust our expertise.  Products specifically designed for tier 2 and 3 cities as well as rural areas ensure cost-effective connectivity while also delivering reliability and attentive customer service.
In 2007, Nitel deployed a state-of-the-art fiber network in Chicago that offers fully-redundant, flexible network connectivity to the premier telecom hotels in downtown Chicago.  This strategically deployed network enables easy access to every tier 1 IP provider in the city.  Customers experience industry leading reliability, breadth of service and fast turn-up on the Chicago network.
Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Atlanta, Ga., Madison, Wis., and Reno, Nev., Nitel has built a superior reputation for customer service and customized solutions since its founding in 1997.  Self-funded, organically grown and profitable, Nitel is a stable, trusted partner of over 600 wholesale and enterprise customers.

You need telecom solutions. We’re the answer people.
Your business requires the most up-to-the-minute communications technology. We understand that.  We’re on top of developments in the telecommunications industry to provide you the most competitive products and services to meet your business needs.

You need it. We’ve got it. Nitel offers fully integrated telecom solutions, including:

    * Internet Connectivity
    * Private Line
    * Metro Ethernet
    * MPLS

We’re all you expect from your service provider. You can rely on your telecom services from Nitel. We partner with Tier 1 carriers to provide the most dependable and secure network services in the industry. Our range of products and services from diverse partner carriers enables us to design cost-effective solutions for clients’ individual needs. And our staff of highly trained, knowledgeable professionals is focused on providing superior customer service.   

NetWolves Corporation is a global telecommunications and Internet managed services providers offering single-source network solutions that provide multi-carrier and multi-vendor implementation to over 1,000 customers worldwide. The Company's principal activity is to design, manage and deliver products and services allowing people and networks to access the Internet and telecommunications networks, efficiently and cost effectively. Some of NetWolves' customers include Suburban Energy, McLane Company, Barnes and Noble, Bloomnet, Liberty Travel, Spacenet and Marchon Eyewear. NetWolves is headquartered in Tampa, FL.
NetWolves LLC was founded in 1998 to introduce a new, innovative Internet security and access device called the FoxBox. In June of that year, NetWolves LLC, through a reverse merger with an OTC/BB company, Watchdog Patrols, Inc., became NetWolves Corporation. Effective September 1st 2008, the company became privately held.

NetWolves is an FCC-licensed and tariffed carrier in all 50 states, offering multiple services on a single invoice. NetWolves also has strategic agreements with several leading telecommunications carriers, including Sprint, MCI, Broadwing, Focal, AGSI, WilTel, Qwest, Covad, Road Runner, Cox, Charter, and Spacenet.

Data Network
NetWolves can keep your business connected with the latest technologies for your primary and backup data network. We offer a variety of data connectivity services, including frame relay and private lines with transmission speeds ranging from 56K to T3, or cost-effective broadband services such as DSL and cable, as well as IP and ISDN services.
Voice Network
Save money without sacrificing quality and reliability using NetWolves' voice services. We offer several cost-effective voice services, including switched and dedicated outbound, switched and dedicated toll-free inbound, dedicated T1 access loops, as well as calling and debit cards.
 Data Services
NetWolves offers a variety of data connectivity services, including frame relay and private lines with transmission speeds ranging from 56K to T3, or cost-effective broadband services like DSL and cable, as well as IP and ISDN services.

NetWolves can keep your business connected with the latest technologies for your primary and backup data network

DSL uses existing phone lines in most metropolitan areas, and offers upload and download speeds of 128 Kbps to 8 Mbps.

Cable is readily available in most metropolitan areas, and offers download speeds of 200 Kbps to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of 128 Kbps to 5 Mbps.

Satellite is available virtually anywhere and makes a good choice when considering redundant connectivity to complement and existing land line technology. Satellite offers download speeds of 1 Mbps and upload speeds of 50 to 250 Kbps. 56K/DS0 provides low bandwidth and a constant connection between two locations.

T1/DS1 provides dedicated, totally digital, end-to-end service with bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps. T1 integrates voice, video and data, accommodating up to 24 equivalent channels.

DDS provides a single dedicated, totally digital circuit for transmission speeds of 56 Kbps and sub- rate speeds of 2.4 Kbps, 4.8 Kbps, and 9.6 Kbps. T3/DS3 provides dedicated, totally digital, end-to-end service with a line rate equivalent to 28 T1 circuits. T3 handles an enormous volume of data communications (45 Mbps), and connects users through point-to-point service.

56K/DS0 provides a single connection for affordable, low bandwidth connectivity.

T1/DS1 provides a high bandwidth MPLS connection at 1.54 Mbps. T1 offers large scale connectivity to a proven and reliable form of connectivity.

Fractional T1/DS1 provides a scalable level of connectivity to a frame relay backbone. It is utilized on shared access with voice services, allowing full utilization of the access pipe and cost sharing on voice and data networks.

T3/DS3 provides a scalable level of connectivity on a private network that is utilized for either high speed MPLS hosting, multiple host connections, or a large singular port at a lead data location.

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) service is coordinated through NetWolves utilizing a local carrier. It is best utilized as a redundant connection to ensure constant up time at a critical business location.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service is typically utilized in a call center where ANI delivery information is critical. A single D channel is used for signaling and framing, and 23 B-channels are used for communication.

Dialup provides a flexible low bandwidth connection to a public network. It allows local dial-in from many cities throughout the world, and toll-free access when local service is not available.


SAVVIS, Inc. (SAVVIS) provides information technology (IT) services, including managed hosting, utility computing, colocation, managed security, network and professional services, through its global infrastructure to businesses and government agencies around the world. Its services are designed to offer IT solution that meets the specific IT infrastructure and business needs of its customers.

The Company's suite of products can be purchased individually, in various combinations, or as part of a total or partial outsourcing arrangement. Its point solutions meet the specific needs of customers who require control of their physical assets, while its managed hosting solution provides customers with access to services and infrastructure without the upfront capital costs associated with equipment acquisition.

Savvis Positioned in Leaders Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services (On Demand)
According to Gartner, vendors listed in the leaders quadrant, “Have proven they have staying power in this market, can frequently innovate upon their existing products, and can be relied on for enterprise hosting needs. They have proven their technical competence and ability to deliver services to a wide range of customers.”

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is widely recognized as one of the most influential reports for enterprises seeking to evaluate hosting vendors. Its evaluation is based on completeness of vision, including market understanding, product strategy and innovation, among other criteria. The Magic Quadrant also assesses ability to execute, which includes operations and overall viability, among other criteria. 

Savvis operates in two business segments: hosting services and network services.

Industry Leaders Behind Our Infrastructure.

Savvis works with some of the most well-known and respected leaders in the industry. This gives us the ability to leverage industry expertise and knowledge to develop more innovative solutions for your business, be they managed hosting in the cloud or Software-as-a-Service.  Check out the list of companies below for a glimpse of what enables Savvis to get the job done.

HP teams with Savvis to deliver server and blade options for reliable, enterprise-grade computing.

Cisco’s IP Next Generation Network is the foundation for the Savvis Application Transport Network and Services.

Microsoft and Savvis work together to drive Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) and other innovative managed hosting solutions.

Savvis partners with Oracle to deliver hosted database managed services.

VMWare powers Savvis Cloud services, helping to maximize computing resources and manage IT expenses.

Savvis delivers unique managed hosting solutions built from the ground up to support SAP Business All-in-One solutions.

3Par’s highly-virtualized, utility-based approach to storage helps Savvis provide smart, efficient storage options.

Broadview Networks
Broadview Networks is the communications provider who pays as much attention to your satisfaction as we do your service. At Broadview, we are passionate about being counted on by our customers for providing solid communications solutions. Our customers trust us to recommend the best mix of services for their often-complex communications needs.

      * We deliver a broad array of integrated communications solutions – including voice, data, Internet and IP based  solutions and premium quality hardware.
•    We deliver service on our own leading-edge integrated network with around-the-clock surveillance, troubleshooting and maintenance at our Network Operations Center.
•    We serve customers with one-call customer service efficiently handled by caring associates using our proprietary OPENnet™ software.
•    We offer highly cost-effective solutions through an experienced team of communications consultants for our small and medium-sized business clients.

Broadview Networks is a network-based business communications provider serving customers nationwide. Broadview provides the total solution for business communications including local and long distance voice communications; premises-based and patented hosted VoIP systems; data services encompassing VPN- and MPLS-enabled applications; traditional telephone hardware; high-speed Internet services; a full suite of managed services; and a range of professional services. Broadview customers benefit from award-winning customer service including a web-based account management tool and a primary point-of-contact for real-time, personal customer care.

Broadview Networks is a control investment of MCG Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: MCGC). Broadview Networks’ largest investors are MCG Capital, Baker Capital, and New Enterprise Associates.
Service Coverage area;
Broadview Networks provides advanced communications services and support for businesses of all sizes in the northeast, New England and mid-Atlantic regions.

Broadview Networks has a leading-edge software system powered by Open Support Systems, LLC.
  • Nortel Networks provides Nortel Networks multi-service switching systems for our integrated network and phone system equipment that makes us the Total Solution for business communications.
  • Polycom provides the Integrated Access Devices (IADs) that enable the Broadview Networks Broadspeed Voice over DSL service.
  • Cisco provides the customer premises equipment in the form of routers and Integrated Access Devices (IADs) used to terminate services at customer site.
  • Mitel provides state-of-the-art IP phones for our VoIP enabled applications.
  • Actelis Networks enables Broadview to provide highly cost effective high-speed Ethernet solutions.
  • Natural Convergence developed and supports the feature server technology powering our Broadspeed OfficeSuite hosted VoIP solution.

NuVox, headquartered in Greenville, SC, delivers voice, data, business apps, and IT security designed specifically for business customers in the Southeast and Midwest. Since 1998, NuVox has expanded our customer base to over 90,000 across our sixteen-state footprint as we've enhanced our product suite with state-of-the-art technology. Today, NuVox is one of the largest Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) in the United States.

What We Offer

    * A robust feature-rich network
    * An unparalled product suite, specifically designed for business customers
    * Experienced management team
    * The best sales force in the industry
    * A team that takes care of our customers - 24 x 7 x 365

The NuVox Vision

To be the market leader in delivering communications solutions to business customers.
Core Values

NuVox's eight core values, as decided by members of our executive leadership team, are driving factors in determining our future success:

    * Customer First
    * Improve Lives
    * Integrity
    * Truth
    * Inclusiveness
    * Fun
    * Empowerment
    * Win

At NuVox, we know your business is like no other. You aren't just a number and we won't treat you like one. Experience using industry-leading technology, having your own personal Account Manager, interacting with outstanding customer service, and most of all, let's focus on improving your communications solution.
Solution Provider

Our solutions begin with you in mind. We start by listening. How can NuVox help you solve business problems? How can we make communications easy so you can focus on your business?

Through enhanced voice, data, and security solutions such as:

    * Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services
    * MPLS Networking Services (for businesses with multiple locations)
    * Local Service
    * Long Distance
    * Internet Access
    * Data Services
    * Security Services
    * Every enhanced service you'll ever need!

Behind the scenes, our network makes it all happen. With partners like Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent, we've invested millions to build a network that's unmatched. In fact, NuVox is a Cisco Powered Network. Only 10% of Internet Service Providers have earned this distinction.

 Level 3 Communications 

Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Level 3) through its operating subsidiaries is primarily engaged in the communications business. Level 3 is a facilities-based provider of a range of integrated communications services. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had approximately 77,000 intercity route miles in North America and Europe, connecting 23 countries. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had approximately 125 markets having metropolitan fiber networks containing approximately 27,000 route miles in the United States and Europe, and approximately 7,900 traffic aggregation points and buildings the aggregate. The Company's reportable segments include communications and coal mining. On June 5, 2008, Level 3 completed the sale of its Vyvx advertising distribution business to DG FastChannel, Inc.

A Network Built to Support the Silicon Economics Cycle

From its beginning, Level 3 Communications was founded on the principles of the Silicon Economics cycle: create a global telecommunications network with the scale to reduce unit costs, stimulate demand with these lower costs, support that demand by scaling even more. Level 3 created a network that serves as a foundation for the communications services of the 21st century by providing, among other things, information transmission over a fiber optic network and media delivery over a content delivery network. And we've grown to support the end-to-end communications services that businesses and carriers rely on.

Level 3 was originally founded in 1985 as Kiewit Diversified Group Inc. (KDG), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. (PKS). Pieter Kiewit Sons', Inc. is a 114-year-old construction, mining, information services and communications company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, which was originally created to hold PKS' non-construction business assets.

In early 1998, KDG announced it was changing its name to Level 3 Communications, Inc., after substantially increasing the emphasis it placed on and the resources devoted to its communications and information services business. On April 1, 1998, Level 3 common stock started trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol LVLT.

During 1998, Level 3 raised $14 billion and was called the "best funded start-up in history." The company constructed 19,600 route miles, and built the world's first continuously upgradeable network fully optimized for internet protocol (IP). Over the next few years, explosive demand for bandwidth fueled growth in sales. By the end of 2000, Level 3 provided service to 2,700 customers.

Level 3 continued investments in infrastructure to become a world-class communications provider, and won the trust of the world's most sophisticated communications companies. In addition to ongoing construction, the company expanded its assets with the February 2003 acquisition of Genuity. Over the next few years, and through a major industry downturn, Level 3 pursued a strategy that focused on both the balance sheet and investing for the inevitable industry rebound. Level 3 won the confidence of investors, as the company raised more money than all other NexGen carriers combined; and also of customers, who made Level 3 one of the world's top three Internet traffic carriers.

Beginning with the late-2005 acquisition of WilTel, Level 3 has established itself as a natural industry consolidator. During 2006, the company went on to acquire Progress Telecom, ICG, TelCove and Looking Glass Networks. In 2007, Level 3 acquired Broadwing, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) services business of SAVVIS, Inc. and Servecast.

Today, Level 3 Communications is one of only six Tier 1 Internet providers in the world. The company ranks as one of world's most connected Internet Service Providers (ISPs). And expanding assets have solidified the company's position as one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe.

Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint Nextel is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including two wireless networks serving almost 49 million customers at the end of the second quarter of 2009; industry-leading mobile data services; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The company's customer-focused strategy has led to improved first call resolution and customer care satisfaction scores.

Two great traditions of bold innovation have come together in a new company with a clear mission: To be No. 1 in providing a simple, instant, enriching and productive customer experience.

The Sprint Tradition;
Sprint's red diamond logo represented the combined achievements of many legendary predecessors, including United Telecommunications, US Sprint and Centel.

Each embraced the same bold approach that Sprint's founder Cleyson Brown showed in 1899, when the Brown Telephone Company successfully went toe-to-toe with the Bell monopoly in Abilene, Kansas. By the mid-1970s, the company's aggressive growth strategies had firmly established it as the nation's largest independent local telephone provider, which is still true today.

When long distance opened to competition in the 1980s, Sprint immediately seized the opportunity. By 1986, Sprint led all U.S. telecom companies by completing the first nationwide, 100% digital, fiber-optic network. At the same time, the company was a pioneer in data communications, establishing the world's third largest commercial packet data network in 1980.

Sprint charged into the 1990s with pacesetting moves for both consumers and businesses. The company that gave America pin-drop clarity also became a global leader in voice and data services. Then a new kind of telecom company emerged in 1993, when Sprint and Centel merged to become a unique provider of local, wireless and long distance services. Sprint took its wireless strategy a big step further in the late '90s by building the only nationwide PCS network in the U.S.

With its relentless drive to continually set new standards of excellence, Sprint has been a game-changing force in creating advanced local capabilities, groundbreaking IP and wireless applications and unprecedented mobility solutions.

The Nextel Tradition;
In 1987, a visionary entrepreneur named Morgan O'Brien founded a company called Fleet Net. Renamed Nextel in 1993, the company rapidly established itself as a nationwide force in the burgeoning world of wireless communications.

In less than year's time, Nextel merged with Dial Call and OneComm, acquired all of Motorola's SMR licenses in the U.S., and received a $1 billion investment from wireless pioneer Craig McCaw. By mid-1995, Nextel was on point to serve all of the nation's top 50 markets.

Armed with nationwide spectrum and presence, Nextel was ready to dramatically demonstrate its genius for innovation. In September 1996, the company introduced Motorola's breakthrough iDEN technology. This marked the first combination of enhanced digital cellular, two-way radio and text/numeric paging in one phone – the famed Nextel phone. The national rollout of iDEN service began and the Nextel National Network was introduced in January 1997.

From that moment on, Nextel has aggressively expanded its reach and product capabilities. By the year 2000, the company had connected to countries around the world and introduced its always-connected wireless data solution. Soon to follow were its signature Nationwide Direct Connect walkie-talkie service, IP broadband access and a steady stream of feature-rich Internet-ready phones and smart devices.

With unwavering determination to be first, better and different, Nextel has written the book on market-defining innovation, building an intensely loyal customer base and leading the way with compelling offerings for both businesses and consumers.

Global Crossing Inc  

Global Crossing Limited (GCL) is a communications solutions provider, offering a suite of Internet protocol (IP) and telecommunications services worldwide. GCL's network delivers services to more than 690 cities in more than 60 countries and six continents around the world. The Company operates through three segments: Global Crossing (UK) Telecommunications Limited (GCUK) and its subsidiaries (the GCUK Segment), which provide services primarily to customers in the United Kingdom; Impsat's holding company, GC Impsat Holdings I Plc (GC Impsat), and its subsidiaries (the GC Impsat Segment), which provide services primarily to customers in Latin America, and GCL and its other subsidiaries (ROW Segment), which represent all its operations outside of the GCUK Segment and the GC Impsat Segment, and operates primarily in North America, with smaller operations in Europe, Latin America and Asia.
Global end-to-end network management provides our customers with transparent provisioning, support and maintenance.

Your experience will be seamless, worldwide.
•    Multilingual technical support 24x7; Including ordering, maintenance management, service-ticketing, trouble-shooting, billing and general inquiries.
•    By phone, e-mail and the World Wide Web.

We monitor the whole network, all the time -- thanks to advanced, integrated network management systems (NMS). That means we're in constant contact with our undersea cable systems, shore station equipment, backhaul facilities and terrestrial networks worldwide. We're fully accountable for ongoing operations, achieving optimum network performance and ensuring unmatched reliability.


uCommand® is an industry-leading online account management tool that puts the customer in control. It provides access to the information they need securely, instantly. Customers can access their account 24 hours a day to manage their network, services, obtain invoices, order services, interact with customer service and more. It's easy and it's free.

It's a world of surging change, massive globalization and unprecedented innovation. At the same time, a world of business instability, political crises and random chance. Why wait for natural or man-made disaster to strike before addressing the vulnerability of your network?

With Global Crossing as your alternative service provider, you're prepared for the unexpected. Our services provide you with a powerful, flexible portfolio of solutions, creating a robust safety net for your data and voice communications ensuring the continuity of your network, wherever and whenever a disaster strikes.

Network Continuity Services:

    * Global Crossing IP VPN Service™ - performance and security, with the benefits of IP -- scalability, flexibility and improved economics -- an ideal solution for networking needs as a fully provisioned, always-on back-up network, with the option of paying only for what you use.
    * Private Line - connect your sites in over 200 cities around the world, riding on Global Crossing's worldwide seamless backbone; Private Line now features the safety of DACSR -- Diversity, Avoidance, and Customer Specified Routing; lets you designate specific routes for service.
    * Internet access services - ensure the continuity of your Internet applications through a Tier 1 provider with a single worldwide AS number and peering agreements with more than 40 of the top global ISPs.
    * Voice services - Outbound Services and Toll Free/Freephone Services -- advanced voice services that provide diversity and redundancy for uninterrupted calling.
    * Conferencing services - already the alternative service provider of choice for hundreds of companies.


The Network Security Agreement Among Global Crossing, ST Telemedia and Several U.S. Government Agencies

Setting a new security standard, Global Crossing is implementing and following the most stringent security measures in telecommunications today, as required by our Network Security Agreement with several U.S. government agencies. Our comprehensive, landmark agreement covers the areas of

    * Physical security
    * Logical security
    * Information security
    * Personnel security

. . .all overseen by a Security Committee of the board of directors and subject to independent third party audits.

What is the Network Security Agreement?
On September 24, 2003, the Network Security Agreement was signed by Global Crossing Ltd. and Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte Ltd. (ST Telemedia) and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), the U.S. Department of Justice ("DOJ"), the U.S. Department of Defense ("DOD"), and the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") (together the "U.S. government agencies") to address U.S law enforcement and national security concerns raised by foreign investment in critical U.S. telecommunications infrastructure.

While Global Crossing has always lived up to industry standards with regard to network integrity, our Network Security Agreement helps us achieve the new levels of U.S. security being established in areas of "critical infrastructure" such as telecommunications, energy, transportation and financial systems.

Our agreement is an extensive legal document, presenting advantages and opportunities that may not be immediately apparent, and so Global Crossing has prepared this document to clarify some key features of the Network Security Agreement and its implications for our customers.

A Culture of Security
This precedent-setting agreement - designed to evolve over time in conjunction with U.S. security requirements - sets the bar higher for network security in the telecommunications industry in several unique and important ways that represent a positive impact for Global Crossing's customers.

Our agreement creates a "culture of security" throughout Global Crossing - all Global Crossing personnel must participate in special Network Security Agreement training and are expected to understand and enforce all provisions of the agreement as they relate to particular job functions.

The Network Security Agreement and Global Crossing's culture of security enables us to offer an unparalleled level of security - for local, state and federal government agencies; financial services providers with SEC compliance and transactional security requirements; all businesses transacting e-Commerce across the U.S. network for any reason; and all customers requiring voice, data and video transport over a highly secure network - wherever they may be located. Moreover, the agreement addresses network security concerns through a number of concrete measures.

How does the Network Security Agreement make this possible?

Network Information and Traffic Security - The Network Security Agreement establishes a series of measures designed to secure information pertaining to the operation of the Global Crossing network and to protect the traffic crossing the Global Crossing network from unauthorized surveillance and interception. In addition, the agreement sets out measures to control the routing of U.S. domestic voice and data traffic, and employ industry "best practices" for protecting the network against malicious attacks. It also ensures the secure storage of customer and transactional information.

Personnel - While all Global Crossing personnel are expected to be familiar with the basic provisions of the Network Security Agreement, specific job functions centered in the U.S. carry greater security responsibilities. The agreement establishes a series of measures designed to ensure the highest integrity amongst Global Crossing employees involved in sensitive network operations - beginning with a screening process. The screening process follows the same guidelines established for U.S. government agencies to screen their civilian federal employees.

Newly hired personnel are also required to sign a non-disclosure agreement approved in advance by the U.S. government agencies that are parties to the Network Security Agreement.

Screened personnel would include, for example,

    * those with access to network infrastructure;
    * those responsible for accessing and monitoring communications, and responsible for data storage;
    * those in control of transactional data, call associated data or subscriber information; persons who have access to sensitive information, and
    * those responsible for security and information services.

Corporate Governance - The Network Security Agreement establishes a series of measures designed to ensure that Global Crossing's corporate governance is consistent with the goals of the agreement.

   1. Global Crossing has developed an "Information Security Plan" that defines the proper handling of classified, controlled unclassified and sensitive information within Global Crossing. It is the standard by which Global Crossing's compliance and performance will be measured by the U.S. government agencies and our third party auditors.
   2. Internal executive oversight will be provided by a Security Committee of the board of directors. Global Crossing has appointed four board members who have received U.S. government approval and will serve as the Security Committee board members. Additionally, the Head of Network Operations, Head of Global Security and our Security Officer (who will receive security clearances from the U.S. government) will report to the board through the Security Committee in matters relating to the Network Security Agreement.
   3. Global Crossing's implementation of and compliance with the Network Security Agreement will be periodically evaluated by an independent third party auditor. Independent audits will be conducted to verify Global Crossing's compliance with the Network Security Agreement for the Security Committee of the board of directors and the U.S. government agencies that are party to the agreement.

Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet service provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world. Our primary service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, offered over our award-winning fiber optic, IP data-only network, along with colocation in any of our 37 Internet Data Centers. We service two customer segments: “Corporate” (small businesses to Fortune 100 companies) and “NetCentric” (access providers and content providers whose businesses rely primarily on Internet access).

Our innovative, facilities-based network spans across North America, across the Atlantic and throughout Western Europe. With over 52,000 miles of route fiber, we provide service to over 140 major markets and interconnect with over 2,840 other networks.

Cogent was founded on the premise that bandwidth can be treated like a commodity—produce mass amounts and position it for sale based on price. Leveraging new technologies, we built our own IP data network independent of the traditional voice-based networks owned by the RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies). By doing so, we believed we could reduce the cost of high quality bandwidth down to a level never before offered in the marketplace. Less than five years after lighting our network backbone, we have become widely recognized as one of the largest carriers of Internet traffic in the world.

We stand apart from our competitors in many areas, but key differentiators include:
•    Our customer connections are dedicated and non-oversubscribed
•    Our prices are the lowest in the industry
•    Our diversity from traditional carriers enables redundancy for customer data
•    Our simple network structure allows for rapid provisioning
•    Our ‘self-healing’ ring architecture design minimizes outages
Cogent is Smart Business Internet.

Cogent Communications is a public company trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol CCOI. Cogent is headquartered in Washington D.C.
•    History
•    Cogent started operations in 1999. Since then, it has dynamically expanded to become a top five global service provider in over 140 major markets and 26 countries.

•    Cogent began construction of a network optimized for data traffic and launched service in four initial markets in 2000. That same year, major telcos announced for the first time ever that global networks carried more data traffic than voice traffic. Cogent was perfectly positioned to step into this growing market. Today we are rapidly becoming one of the largest carriers of data traffic in the world.

Acquisition History

Although debuting at the height of the telecom industry, Cogent soon found vast market wealth eradicated and many other ISPs thrown into a state of turmoil. In a survival of the fittest competition, Cogent became the consolidator in a consolidating market. Over three brief years, Cogent completed 13 acquisitions of other flailing providers. Whether it was an entire company or just select assets, Cogent was able to acquire valuable network assets, customers, peering relationships and building access agreements for pennies on the dollar.

Among Cogent’s 13 acquisitions to date include three of the original generation Internet service providers who were pioneers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These companies—PSINet (originally Performance Systems International), NetRail and Aleron (originally AGIS/Net99)—were the earliest providers of commercial Internet service. While these first generation ISPs made great contributions to the rapid growth and success of the Internet, their business models and networks could not keep pace with technology and market demands.

Other strategic acquisitions include assets from: Allied Riser, OnSite Access, Fiber City, Fiber Network Solutions, Applied Theory, LambdaNet France and Spain, Carrier1, Unlimited Fiber Optics, Global Access, Aleron, NTT/Verio.

Geographic Expansion History

Cogent aims to serve top tier markets where connectivity demands are highest.

At the end of 2000, we launched service in just four U.S. cities. In 2001, we completed our network rollout to 20 major U.S. cities. The next year, we expanded our network into Toronto, Canada, and also began offering Off-Net (T1/T3) services in more than 30 new markets.

In 2004, we crossed the Atlantic into Europe. We currently serve over 60 European markets and now offer Layer 2 Point-to-Point services across our international network. Our successful geographic expansion at such a rapid pace has been, in large part, due to our ability to surgically acquire the network assets we need most from financially troubled companies.

Wireless Broadband

Key Features and Benefits
The Speed You Need, Guaranteed.  Wi-Beam Broadband supplies the bandwidth you choose—guaranteed 24/7!  Today’s applications, like digital voice, streaming video, and IPTV, demand broadband performance that’s fast and consistent with absolutely no delays or interruptions—and that’s exactly what Wi-Beam delivers.

Upload Capacity that Raises the Bar.  Wi-Beam Broadband’s upload capacity is up to fifteen times faster than basic DSL or cable, providing you with high-quality digital voice services that are crystal-clear and interruption-free.

Download Capacity that’s Downright Instantaneous. Wi-Beam Broadband’s download capacity is up to three times faster than basic DSL or cable, giving you the tools you need to download data quickly, stream top-quality video and audio consistently, and enjoy smooth and clear digital-voice.

Quality that Holds Fast. Wi-Beam Broadband’s upload and download speeds remain constant, fixed and uninterrupted—unlike cable and DSL—so you’re assured of consistent performance 24/7.

T1 Quality at DSL Prices.  Wi-Beam Broadband provides you with the speed and high quality of T1 Service, at a fraction of the cost, so you can work faster and better—for less.

Wi-people value Wi-Beam

Business and residential users like you are quickly realizing the revolutionary value of Wi-Beam in helping them communicate faster, more reliably, and more cost-efficiently. What’s more, Wi-Beam Broadband, a division of Wi-Beam Communications, provides exceptional wireless Internet service that’s compatible with Wi-Beam Digital Voice Service, so it can be tailored to meet all your specific communications needs.

Some of the outstanding value features

    * Wi-Beam Broadband is based on an industry-proven wireless technology that provides stable bandwidth for transporting voice, video, and data.  You get fixed-rate service you can count on 24/7.

    * Wi-Beam Broadband systems can be configured to meet a variety of needs, whether you’re a residential user or a large business network.  You choose the service plan that’s not too small, not too big, but just right for you!

    * Wi-Beam’s unique signaling technique provides a consistent data rate and throughput inside our entire service area.  Quality service is always within reach.

    * Wi-Beam’s proven, reliable Wi-Beam system is protected by military-level security. You can rest assured that your communications are safe.

    * Wi-Beam wireless technology offers considerable savings over traditional wireline T1 service, at prices comparable to DSL and cable.  You get higher performance without the high price.

    * Wi-Beam Broadband offers broadband services to all areas—even those previously serviced only by dial-up.  Finally, you get the consistent, reliable service you need in your location, when you need it.

    * Wi-Beam service is guaranteed to meet or exceed the bandwidth specified in any Business Class product categories you choose.

Wi-people partner with proven leaders in technology
With experienced, dedicated partners like Motorola Corporation, Spirit Telecom, Level 3 Communications, American Tower, and Rapid Systems, Wi-Beam Communications is proud to offer cutting-edge service you can rely on—today and in the future, as newer technologies evolve.

Mission Statement

The mission of Wi-Beam communication is to become the premier provider of convergence telecommunications and wireless technology solutions while conducting business in harmony with both our internal and external Value Systems.
    *  We respond quickly and appropriately to your needs.
    * We communicate with you effectively and courteously.
    * Each of our efforts demonstrate our commitment to you.
    * We are easy and pleasant to do business with, every time.
    * We exceed your expectations, every time.

Stage2 Networks

Since 2004, Stage 2 Networks has consistently grown and established itself as a leader in the hosted PBX market.

Our mission is to empower business customers to fully leverage Stage 2's state-of-the-art technology while – at the same time – reduce their capital expenditures and operating costs thanks to our innovative solutions and competitive prices.

Stage 2 offers a robust and redundant network with connectivity, quality of service and local number portability available across the country and, often, around the world. Our services include hosted PBX, or business phone system solutions, without the capital expenditure typically associated with purchasing a new phone system. We also provide phone line replacement at reduced cost with enhanced functionality, whether POTS or PRI services.

Finally, all of our products are supported by robust data connectivity that can fully integrate our customers' communication platform for both voice and data services across multiple locations. Stage 2's productivity-enhancing features and functionality serve to differentiate our products and offer an added bonus to our customers.

Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable Inc. provides video, data, and voice service to residential and commercial customers in the United States. The company offers video service through analog transmissions; a combination of digital and analog transmissions; or in systems, as well as video service via digital transmissions. It provides on-demand services, enhanced television services, high-definition television, and set-top boxes equipped with digital video recorders.

Time Warner Cable also offers video programming; data services, including Internet access, Web site hosting, and managed security; and Business Class Phone, a business-grade phone service geared to small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as commercial networking and transport services.

As of December 31, 2008, it served approximately 14.6 million customers primarily in New York State, the Carolinas, Ohio, southern California, and Texas. The company is based in New York, New York. Time Warner Cable Inc. formerly operated as a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE:TWC) operate independently of Time Warner Inc. as of March 12, 2009.

At&T is the largest communications holding company in the world by revenue. Operating globally under the AT&T brand, AT&T is:
•    Proud to offer one of the world's most advanced and powerful global backbone networks, carrying 18.3 petabytes of data traffic on an average business day to nearly every continent and country, with up to 99.999 percent reliability.

•    The nation's fastest 3G network serving 78.2 million customers and enabling them to travel and communicate seamlessly with the best worldwide wireless coverage — offering the most phones that work in the most countries. Offering voice coverage in more than 215 countries, data roaming in more than 170 and 3G in more than 95 countries.

•    The U.S. wireless carrier for the new iPhone 3GS, which launched in June 2009 and revolutionized the industry.

•    The only U.S. national service provider to offer a 100 percent IP-based television service with U-verse TV. AT&T Advanced TV offers you a TV choice that's better than cable through AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T | DIRECTV.

•    The nation's largest provider of broadband — more than 16.9 million high speed Internet subscribers (as of 2Q09).

•    The nation's largest Wi-Fi provider, now offering customers’ access at more than 100,000 hot spots spanning countries around the world, (including company-owned and third-party roaming locations) — with the addition of approximately 7,000 Starbucks locations.

•    One of the world's largest providers of IP-based communications services for businesses, with an extensive portfolio of Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over IP (VoIP) and other offerings — all backed by innovative security and customer support capabilities.

•    The nation's largest directory publisher, delivering print directories to 173 million.

•    A world leader in the transport and termination of wholesale traffic — widely recognized for our industry-leading wholesale services portfolio.

•    The parent of YELLOWPAGES.COM, a leading Internet Yellow Pages network that, when combined with AT&T Real Yellow Pages, receives approximately 5 billion consumer searches a year.

•    The leading U.S. provider of local and long distance voice services.

Corporate History
•    In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. That was the foundation of the company that would become AT&T — a brand that has become synonymous with the best, most reliable telephone service in the world.

•    In 1984, through an agreement between the former AT&T and the U.S. Department of Justice, AT&T agreed to divest itself of its local telephone operations but retain its long distance, R&D and manufacturing arms. From this arrangement, SBC Communications Inc. (formerly known as Southwestern Bell Corp.) was born.

•    Twelve years later, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 triggered dramatic changes in the competitive landscape. SBC Communications Inc. established itself as a global communications provider by acquiring Pacific Telesis Group (1997), Southern New England Telecommunications (1998) and Ameritech Corp. (1999). In 2005, SBC Communications Inc. acquired AT&T Corp., creating the new AT&T.

•    With the merger of AT&T and BellSouth in 2006, and the consolidated ownership of Cingular Wireless and YELLOWPAGES.COM, AT&T is positioned to lead our industry in one of its most significant transformations since the invention of the telephone more than 130 years ago.

U.S. Presence
•    AT&T serves customers nationwide with a broad range of wireless voice and data services. We have the nation's fastest 3G network and serve 78 million subscribers. We hold spectrum licenses in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We also have the best worldwide coverage with voice coverage in more than 215 countries, data roaming in more than 170 and 3G in more than 95 countries. We serve millions of customers, concentrated in 22 states, with wired services, including broadband, long distance and local voice.
Global Reach
•    AT&T customers work and live in virtually every country and territory in the world. We serve millions of enterprise and multinational business corporations on six continents.

•    AT&T offers a variety of service plans that enable U.S.-based customers to stay connected to friends and work colleagues who are overseas. We also enable our customers to keep in touch when they travel outside the U.S.

•    AT&T provides the best coverage of any wireless carrier worldwide. We deliver the widest international voice coverage of any wireless carrier in the world. With AT&T, customers have the freedom to make wireless calls using an internationally enabled phone on all seven continents and in more than 200 countries. We offer wireless data coverage in more countries than any U.S. carrier — with wireless data-roaming in more than 170 countries for laptops, hand-held devices and other data services and third-generation (3G) services in more than 95 countries. We also offer wireless service on more than 130 cruise ships worldwide.

Global, National, Mid-Size, Regional and Government Portfolio

•    For our enterprise business customers, AT&T provides a single source for local, national, global and wireless voice and data services.

•    Our expansive portfolio also gives these customers access to advanced IP and traditional networking solutions for both voice and data. And customers can tap into our array of consulting and management experts for support on any element of network planning, design, deployment and ongoing management.


Award winning AireSpring is one of the fastest growing telecommunications carriers in the USA, with over 4 billion call records processed every year. AireSpring is a privately held, diversified, debt-free, and full service communications company which offers a broad range of innovative services at competitive prices.

AireSpring offers next-generation integrated, SIP/VoIP, voice, data, and conferencing products geared to deliver power and flexibility at cost-effective rates. When business needs power, flexibility, and affordability, AireSpring is THE solution!

AireSpring has been awarded "Product of the Year," “Best Value,” “Members Choice,” and dozens of product awards.  To-date,

AireSpring has set the record for more Telecom Association awards than any other carrier/reseller.

AireSpring is uniquely equipped to handle any calling need, from high volume call center applications to companies with office locations spread across the country or around the world. AireSpring Voice and Data services are award winning and well suited for your telecom needs.

The AireSpring Advantage:
• Award winning products and services
• Extremely aggressive rates
• Widest range of Voice and Data options
• High Quality 24 X 7 customer support
• 7 leading network providers
• Widest Nationwide coverage
• Multi-carrier redundancy—maximum security
• We are 100% debt free and rapidly growing
• Highest customer satisfaction from small businesses to mission critical enterprise operations.
• One personal contact for all your service needs.
• One simple bill.

One Size Does Not Fit All
AireSpring has the largest national footprint in the U.S. and a partnership with seven major network providers. AireSpring will provide you with a customized package of premium solutions tailored to your exact needs so you’ll only pay for what you really need.

AireSpring brings together all the advantages of IP Bandwidth, SIP Trunking, Local, Long Distance, MPLS-VPN and Conferencing services in one place.

Best rates and support. Broadest nationwide service footprint. One single point of contact. A broad range of underlying service providers with just one easy-to-read bill.


• Toll-free reservationless conferencing
• Mute noisy participants via Web portal
• Free Recording
• Local numbers available in 23 international cities
• Advanced Web Portal with dynamic features and reporting
• Innovative security options


• Get low cost SIP termination using your current phone system without needing to buy expensive new equipment
• 2 T-1s of traffic over one circuit. 48 lines using G.729 Codec
• Robust support for call center traffic and high CPS (Calls Per Second) calling patterns
• Private IP Network
• Most cost effective rates
• DS-3 now supported

• Lowest rates across multiple carrier networks
• Largest national footprint
• Reliable, efficient, and scalable
• CoS traffic prioritization
• Custom solutions to deliver the architecture that you need
• Single bill and single point of contact

• No monthly recurring charge per channel or simultaneous call path for long distance or toll-free service
• Robust support for call center traffic and high CPS (Calls Per Second) calling patterns
• Supports G.711, G.729 Codecs
• Fast turn-up. Most within 24-48 hours

• All the VoIP cost savings and ease of use delivered to your traditional phone system
• FREE local calling included
• 24 Channels (standard): incl. 24,000 minutes of free local calling
• Huge nationwide footprint
• Up to 24 analog ports available
• Nationwide DIDs
• 20 DIDs included

• Voice & data dynamically allocated for your business traffic needs
• T-1 or PRI with up to 4.5 Mbps of internet access
• FREE managed router & FREE local calling included
• Can be used with existing traditional phone system

LOCAL SIP TRUNKING Offered via Our Nationwide Managed Private IP Backbone
• Replace TDM with easy local VoIP service and save up to40%
• Free local calling included
• Full features including E911 and 411 directory assistance
• Get phone numbers from across the country and in key locations worldwide which ring locally at no extra charge
• FREE inter-office calling for all of your offices on the AireSpring Network

• Offering Data speeds from DS-1 through Gigabit Ethernet
• 5 Mbps Ethernet Over Copper available
• Bonded DIA up to 12.0 Mbps
• Managed Routers

AboveNet, Inc. provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among 15 top U.S. metro markets and London. AboveNet's network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government.

Above Net’s vision
is to be the premier provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions for customers who desire a private, flexible and scalable transport infrastructure. Our goal is to continue to monetize our superior fiber assets by providing large bandwidth customers with customized solutions that are superior to the tariffed offering of our competitors.

AboveNet Mission
To sell, implement and maintain high bandwidth connectivity solutions for large bandwidth users on a profitable basis. We will do this using our vast metro fiber assets and our experienced, customer focused workforce. We will differentiate ourselves by our flexibility and responsiveness.

Foundation and Assets
AboveNet’s fiber optic network provides the foundation for our offerings, providing metro access, long haul services, and IP transit (Tier I IP provider) to the major business centers in the U.S. and London. AboveNet’s portfolio of managed services solutions, enable enterprise customers to rise above legacy networks to create truly customized door-to-door optic networks.

AboveNet enables real-time information exchange wherever and whenever it’s needed. In addition to highly innovative and experienced people in the industry, AboveNet has a broad portfolio of assets that seamlessly interconnect to offer a full range of information exchange services.

Metro Access Networks (MAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and Managed Services include: WDM Wavelength Services, Metro Ethernet, WAN Ethernet, and IP Transit..

AboveNet’s private metropolitan fiber network enables its customers to solve critical issues, including cost containment, security and reliability. AboveNet provides private secure communications with virtually unlimited capacity and flexibility at competitive rates. Secure optical connectivity frees companies from the constraints of tariffed, local loop solutions. Its door-to-door optical connectivity translates into improved efficiency and productivity – resulting in substantial cost savings and higher profitability.

Experienced project teams provide AboveNet metropolitan area fiber customers with a single point-of-accountability for the provisioning, deployment, and optimization of their network infrastructure.

Network Reach:

  • Lit buildings – more than 1,800
  • Fiber miles worldwide – greater than 2 million

Domestic Markets Served:
New York/New Jersey Metro Area, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC/Northern VA Metro Area, Atlanta, San Francisco/San Jose Metro Area, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

International Markets Served:
London, Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt



Towerstream is a leading fixed WiMAX service provider in the U.S., delivering high-speed Internet access to businesses in ten markets including New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay Area, Miami, Seattle, Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, and the greater Providence area where the Company is based.

Towerstream delivers a reliable last mile solution. Unlike other internet service providers, Towerstream owns their entire network and is not dependent on the local exchange carrier network of phone wires or cable offering a faster installation seamlessly and securely for less money.

Towerstream delivers reliable, high-speed, internet access seamlessly and securely without the telephone or cable company to businesses in 9 major metropolitan markets.

Towerstream owns its entire network and does not rely on the phone company. We deliver high quality symmetrical bandwidth to our customers with a faster install at a significantly lower price than the competition.

Using WIMAX technology, Towerstream delivers a wide variety of features including:
Speed and Scalability: With bandwidth options ranging anywhere between 0.512Mbps and 1Gbps Towerstream can create the customized broadband solution to meet your business's needs.

Guaranteed 99.99% Reliability: Towerstream delivers a very reliable last mile solution. We are the first wireless broadband provider to offer the "Five 9's" Guarantee to our customers.

Fast and Simple Installation: By completely bypassing the local phone company and using multiple broadcast sites in several major cities, service is often installed in 3-5 business days or less.

With Towerstream's guaranteed 99.99% uptime, we enable IT Managers to put what was once their top business concern at the bottom of their list.

Towerstream's Timeline

April 2001            Launched service in the Boston and Providence markets
June 2003            Launched service in the New York City market
March 2004          Launched service in the Chicago market
December 2004   Launched service in the Los Angeles market
October 2005      Launched service in the San Francisco market
January 2007      Completed ~$15 million financing; began trading under symbol TWER
January 2007      Launched service in the Seattle market (SpeakEasy acquisition)
March 2007         Launched service in the Miami market
June 2007           Completed secondary financing and raised $40 million in capital
October 2007      Completed 160 seat sales center in the Middletown office.
April 2008            Launched service in the Dallas / Fort Worth markets
April 2008           Towerstream Powers First NYC Skyscraper with Building-Wide Wireless Broad Band Access
October 2008     Announces Deployment of Alvarion(R) Mobile WiMAX(TM) Equipment in Chicago Network
October 2008     Presented with Two Telephony Innovation Awards at Telephony LIVE
October 2008     Wins Best of WiMAX World 2008 Award for its New York City Network
November 2009  Launched service in the Philadelphia market.

Towerstream info

Granite Telecommunications
Granite Telecommunications is the nation’s premier provider of telecommunications solutions solely for business. With unparalleled nationwide coverage, Granite Telecommunications is the leading provider to multi-location companies through our scalable solutions, customized to meet your business’s local, regional and national footprint.
Through long-term commercial wholesale contracts, Granite Telecommunications offers dial-tone, infrastructure solutions and high speed broadband services to our customers at significant savings.

o Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
o Voice Solutions
o Broadband
o Structured Cabling & Systems

Key Differentiators
• National Footprint
• Single point of contact
• One bill for all telecommunications services compatible with your vendor payment    processing systems
• Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

Offering colocation, disaster recovery and hosted IT services, 1Vault Networks combines over 55 years of experience in helping small, medium and large enterprises as well as government accounts design, manage, maintain and monitor IT infrastructure and disaster recovery plans.
1Vault has met the rigorous requirements for the Statement of Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) and has achieved the highly-sought-after SAS 70 Type II certification.

In addition to data colocation, 1Vault offers businesses and governmental agencies hosted IT services and disaster recovery suites. The high-tech facility provides a fully redundant infrastructure with utility power feeds backed by maximum-load generator support, A/C chillers for environmental control and a raised floor data center with full 9’ ceiling height.

The state-of-the-art data center, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can withstand disruption caused by natural disaster, system failure or human intervention. The company’s comprehensive plan covers business continuity, disaster recovery suites and seats, high-speed IP connectivity, self-contained power supply, support services, Iron Mountain SAN backup and recovery and SAS 70, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA audit compliance certifications.

Long Island Data & Recovery Center
The Long Island Data and Recovery Center (LIDARC) is a state of the art 200,000 sq ft building located at 1025 Old Country Road in Westbury, NY. Currently 45,000 square feet is dedicated for data center space. LIDARC is a carrier neutral facility operator, which brings you the greatest choice of service providers on Long Island

1025 Old Country Road
Westbury, NY 11590
NPA-NXX: 516-512

200,000 square foot building
45,000 square feet of colocation available in Phase I
60,000 square feet of colocation space available in Phase II
250 lbs sq. ft. floor load
Data Center-Cabinets, Cages, and PODs (Personal Optimized Data Center)
Diverse Carrier building entrances
On Site Parking
24 miles East of Manhattan (view NYC/Long Island map)

  • 4.5 Mega Watts of Power - dual 480v LIPA Power feed upgrade in progress
  • UPS with N+1 configuration
  • Generator backup
  • Multiple Dark Fiber / Network Service Providers Present
  • Access to 6 International Cable Systems that come through Long Island
  • AC1
  • AC2 (Yellow)
  • FA1 & 2
  • Apollo
  • MAC
  • TAT 12-13
  • Currently 4 fiber routes off Long Island that by-pass Manhattan
  • Cross Sound Cable System - New Haven, CT
  • OCG - Perth-Amboy Woodbridge NJ
  • Cablevision Route - White Plains, NY
  • MAC (Mid-Atlantic Crossing)- Hollywood, FL and St. Croix, U.S.V.I.
  • Stealth Communications node at LIDARC
  • The Voice Peering Fabric - 350 carrier/network operator members, 500+ billion minutes annually,ENUM Registry for private end-point call routing
  • The Big Apple Peering Exchange - 30 Peers including Microsoft, Google, Sprint, Qwest, F-root server, Cable & Wireless, Manhattan College, etc.
  • New York State Empire Zone
  • Reduced LIPA rates, tax incentives & credits
  • Multi-Use Facility Data Center
  • Carrier Neutral Fiber Room
  • Office Space
  • Roof Rights / Wireless Tower
  • Disaster recovery office space

For over 20 years, Telehouse has pioneered the development of data center services and worked to keep our clients' information secure and uninterrupted, while performing at the optimum level.

Telehouse operates two SAS 70 Type II data centers and colocation facilities in New York, including our 162,000 square ft. flagship disaster recovery center and headquarters in Staten Island, NY and our downtown Manhattan multi-tenant data center at 25 Broadway; in addition to our full-service data center in Los Angeles. Through close ties with our sister companies in Europe (Telehouse Europe) and Asia (KDDI, our parent company), access, personal support and all data center services are available on a global scale with TELEHOUSE brand data centers appearing in 9 different countries with plans to expand to 14 by 2010.

Our Tier 3/4 category facilities' standard N+1 infrastructure includes:
    * Engineers on-site, 24/7, to manage and maintain our facilities
    * Diverse multiple commercial power feeds
    * Multiple uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
    * Backup diesel powered generators
    * Battery back–up
    * Redundant cooling capacity and air-conditioning units
    * High–level, layered security measures and procedures
    * On-site monitoring, 24/7, by technical staff to manage clients' networks
    * Multiple, diverse choice of telecom providers ensuring your business stays connected.

In conjunction with our data center services, Telehouse America owns and operates public internet peering exchanges in New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX). Both exchanges provide a platform for participants to peer (exchange internet traffic) at up to 10gbps speeds using IPv4 and IP.ELEHOUSE AMERICA


Telx is the premier resource for interconnection related colocation, technical support and value added services in the United States. Telx offers the richest connectivity and dedicated service options in the most secure and reliable colocation facilities for our customers' mission critical operations.

At Telx, we leverage the strength of our customers' diverse networks to create cost effective solutions delivered with speed and accuracy. The combination of Telx's superior infrastructure, service and connectivity make us the ideal partner for your operations. Our team is committed to providing you with a highly available network that you can be proud of.

With 15-facilities in North America, Telx offers cost effective networking solutions for customers to seamlessly access diverse global networks and exchange information in a secure and reliable environment. Over 600 leading telecommunications carriers, ISP’s, content providers and enterprises rely on Telx’s world-class team to support their mission-critical global infrastructure needs and to create a global connectivity marketplace to dramatically expand their business growth opportunities.

Telx is a privately held company headquartered in New York City with facilities in
  • New York City
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Clifton, NJ
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Clara
  • Miami
  • Phoenix
  • Charlotte
  • Weehawken, NJ.

Telx Financial Business Exchange

Telx's colocation centers offer Financial Networks access to the most diverse and reliable ultra-low latency networks, and it is just a simple cross connect away.

We bring Speed to your business...

For any company who relies on global networking to process business transactions important factors are low latency, reliability, and immediacy. The slightest delay in executing orders and trades can cost financial companies and their customers millions of dollars.

Network Performance is driven by:

Proximity and Latency - companies aim for the fewest hops between the user, the trading form and the trading exchanges.
Choice - ability to choose from multiple providers and exchanges to achieve the best latency, redundancy and packet loss performance, while accessing multiple providers for redundancy.
With little tolerance for latency, many financial institutions are taking a presence in network-neutral, network rich colocation facilities, where carriers and enterprise customers locate their equipment for the purposes of interconnection. These facilities traditionally focus on growth, attracting leading technology companies that are adopting aggressive and new ways to enhance network communications.

Why Telx?
Telx’s facilities in New York, New Jersey and Chicago focus on providing secure, optimal, efficient and leading-edge solutions to global financial networks that require access to the most amount of trading platforms with the least amount of latency.  A deployment with Telx provides financial network operators direct access to multiple trading exchanges, financial newswires, content providers and various trading platforms.
Telx Provides Access to a Multiple Financial Institutions and Trading Platforms that includes the following:

• ACTIV Financial
• American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
• Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
• Bank of New York Government Clearing (BONY)
• Better Alternative Trading System (BATS)
• Boston Options Exchange (BOX)
• BT Radianz
• Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)
• Chicago Board Stock Exchange (CBSX)
• Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
• Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)
• Con Edison/RCN
• Currenex
• Euronext
• GL Trade/Davidge
• International Securities Exchange (ISE)
• Montreal Exchange (MX)
• NASDAQ / INET / Brut
• National Market Systems (CT/CQ, OPRA)
• NYSEArca
• OneChicago Direct Data Feeds
• OneChicago Redistributor Data Feed
• Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)
• Redistributor CME Data Feeds
• Redistributor S&P Cash Data Feeds
• SunGard Brass Direct CME Data Feeds
• TD Waterhouse
• Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX Group)

This is why Telx secure ColoXchange Centers are the ideal solutions for leading global financial network operators. Telx offers a significant advantage, with fewer hops and lower latency, it is often the fastest and easiest way for financial services firms to line up suppliers of network services to negotiate the best terms and prices. In addition, it’s easy to acquire services from multiple providers for redundancy, route diversity, and network performance. But more importantly, if you’re not satisfied with the level of service you’re receiving, it’s very easy to connect to a new supplier.


SunGard Availability Services provides disaster recovery services, managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software to more than 10,000 customers in North America and Europe.

With five million square feet of datacenter and operations space, SunGard assists IT organizations across virtually all industry and government sectors prepare for and recover from emergencies by helping them minimize their computer downtime and optimize their uptime. Through direct sales and channel partners, we help organizations ensure their people and customers have uninterrupted access to the information systems they need in order to do business.

Corporate Structure:

SunGard Availability Services is a business segment of SunGard. With annual revenues of $5 billion, SunGard is a global leader in software, processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector.

Year Founded: 1978
Chief Executive Officer: Andrew A. Stern

Corporate Headquarters:
680 E. Swedesford Road
Wayne, PA 19087



Customers rely on SunGard to keep people and information connected.

SunGard Availability Services provides IT Operations support to IT departments that need to ensure business viability by keeping mission critical information and applications up and running. Unlike other companies that offer individual technology services, SunGard is focused on providing responsive and integrated disaster recovery, managed services, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions, to help organizations keep people and information connected.

Your people. Your information. Connected.

The diversity of our customer base is living proof of the broad range of benefits our solutions provide; over half of our customers are small and medium enterprises, and more than seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on our services. Financial services, manufacturing, retail, health care and business services industries are heavily represented, and we have significant customers from the transportation, telecommunications and utilities and government verticals.

Always relevant, always evolving, always connected.

Our portfolio of services contains a set of solutions that leverage shared, high-intensity IT resources, so our customers do not have to utilize redundant servers, electrical power and other resources to create a backup environment. SunGard is an aggressive adopter of green technology, researching and adopting best of breed components for our infrastructure and systems.

With a global reach and through our worldwide network of hardened, state-of-the-art facilities, SunGard Availability Services:

    * Helps 10,000 customers worldwide achieve uninterrupted access to their mission-critical data and systems;
    * Employs more than 3,000 professionals with extensive Information Availability experience;
    * Supports more than 30 computing platforms;
    * Provides 5 million square feet of hardened, secure operations space;
    * Has a 100% recovery record;
    * Has over 40 mobile facilities staged in strategic locations;
    * Manages 80 hardened IT facilities connected by a redundant, global dedicated network backbone;
    * Has successfully supported over 100,000 tests and more than 3,400 declared disasters worldwide;
    * Has written more than 100,000 action plans; and
    * Has business continuity consultants working over 250,000 hours annually.
From environmental enhancements, such as power usage in data centers, to understanding the increased demands on fast response and recovery times, SunGard boasts a proven track record and respected legacy in innovation. We meet your demands for reduced recovery times, less complexity and greater utility as information loads grow and technology-dependency advances.
   SunGard data centers encompass more than 5 million square feet in over 80 locations worldwide.

Qwest Communications
Qwest Communications International Inc. (Qwest) is a provider of data, Internet, video and voice services. The Company operates its business within its local service area, which consists of the 14-state region of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Qwest operates in three segments: business markets, mass markets and wholesale markets. Most of the Company's products and services are provided using its telecommunications network, which consists of voice and data switches, copper cables, fiber optic broadband cables and other equipment. The majority of the Company's network is located in its local service area. Within its local service area, Qwest's network serves approximately 11.6 million access lines in 14 states and forms a portion of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Customers coast-to-coast turn to Qwest's industry-leading national fiber-optic network and world-class customer service to meet their communications and entertainment needs. For residential customers, Qwest offers a new generation of fiber-optic Internet service, high-speed Internet solutions, as well as digital home phone, wireless service available through Verizon Wireless, and DIRECTV® service.  Qwest is also the choice of 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies, offering a full suite of network, data and voice services for small businesses, large businesses, government agencies and wholesale customers. Additionally, Qwest participates in Networx, the largest communications services contract in the world, and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by a leading technology industry analyst firm.

Products & Services

•    Qwest High-Speed Internet® Services
•    Qwest Digital Home Phone & Long Distance
•    Qwest Bundles
•    DIRECTV® Service through Qwest
•    Verizon Wireless Service through Qwest

Small Business
•    Qwest High-Speed Internet® Services
•    Qwest Digital Phone & Long Distance
•    Qwest iQ™ Integrated Access
•    Qwest iQ™ Managed VoIP Bundle
•    Verizon Wireless Service through Qwest

Large Business
•    Products & Services: Qwest iQ® Connect Services
•    Bundled Solutions: Qwest iQ® Simplify Services
•    Managed Services: Qwest iQ® Enhance Services

•    Wholesale Data/IP Products & Services
•    Wholesale Voice Solutions
•    Wholesale International Product Offerings

XO Communications 
XO Communications is one of the nation’s largest communications service providers focused exclusively on businesses, government, and carrier and wholesale service providers nationwide.

We serve customers through two primary business units:

•    XO® Business Services provides managed services and converged Internet Protocol (IP) network services that combine voice, Internet access, and private data networking for small and medium sized companies, enterprises, national and government accounts.

•    XO® Carrier Services delivers high bandwidth IP and inter-city network transport services for domestic and international carriers, service providers, cable companies and mobile wireless operators.

Concentric® offers a range of Software-as a- Service applications to help small and medium businesses manage and grow their business. These services include hosted email and messaging, managed server, web site and applications hosting, domain management, and professional services related to these services.

A Proven Network

XO operates its own private, nationwide, multi-terabit network, which delivers industry-leading IP solutions at the fastest speeds available today.

In fact, NXTcomm, the industry’s leading tradeshow, recognized the XO® core backbone network as the industry’s best in 2007.

Our unrivalled network assets include nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks, and fixed wireless capabilities that give XO® the unique ability to provide door-to-door delivery of customer traffic.
Network Assets

    * Approximately one million miles of metro fiber
    * An 18,000-route mile, nationwide, 1.2 Terabit inter-city network
    * Robust switching platform
    * Nearly 1,000 central office collocations
    * More than 3,000 fiber-fed buildings on net
    * Fully peered Tier 1 IP network with more than 100 private and public peering relationships
    * 28-31 Ghz spectrum in 75 markets
    * More than 15 billion VoIP minutes per year

Complete List of Services

VoIP Services

    * IP Flex
    * IP Flex with VPN
    * VoIP Demo
    * SIP Service
          o PBX Manufacturers
    * iPBX
    * XO® Anywhere Feature

Voice Services

    * Local Service
          o Basic Business Lines
          o Business Trunks
          o Centrex
          o Voice Messaging
          o Integrated Services Digital Network PRI
          o Directory Assistance & Operator Services
          o Private Switch / Automatic Location Identification
          o Remote Call Forwarding
          o Foreign Exchange
    * Long Distance Services
    * Conferencing
    * Interactive Voice Services
    * Mass Notification System: XO® Connect

Network Services

          o Application Performance Management
          o MulitTransport Networking Service
    * IP Flex with VPN
    * Dedicated Internet Access
    * Ethernet
    * Private Line
    * Wavelength
    * Collocation
    * Broadband Wireless Access
    * Managed Security

Internet & Hosted Services

    * Dedicated Internet Access
    * Hosted IT Services
          o XO Managed Server
          o Hosted Exchange
          o XO Managed Backup
          o Perimeter Email Protection
          o Corporate Domain Manager
          o Instant Messaging for Business
    * Web Site & Email Hosting
          o Standard Web Site Hosting
          o Windows Web Site Hosting
          o Email & Starter Hosting
          o Domain Hosting
          o Ecommerce
          o Web Basics
          o Web Applicaitons
          o Hosting Gateway Login
          o Hosted IT Applications Resources
    * Professional Services
          o Web Site Bundled Services
          o Compare Bundles
          o Tools and Applications

Carrier / Wholesale

    * VoIP services
          o VoIP Origination
          o VoIP Termination
    * Voice services
          o Wholesale Local Voice
          o Carrier Long Distance Termination
    * Network Transport
          o Private Line
          o Hub Service
          o Ethernet
          o Wavelength
    * Internet services
          o High Speed IP Transit
          o Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access
          o MPLS IP-VPN
    * Collocation



What we Do;
Instantly Notify Everyone by .... as well as by pagers, TTY/TTD devices, computer desktops, Windows Mobile devices and digital signage. The system can be activated over our secure website using any Internet connection or by calling our 24 hour operators from any phone.

How we provide alerts ....
Alerts are provided through our 8infinity Emergency Notification Suite of services:

Emergency Notification Service - Our battle tested service provides GIS map and / or Fixed List notification utilizing our web based or operator assisted user interface.

BlurtAlert for Desktops - BlurtAlert will override the regular application and display real time, visible instant pop-up notification of alerts on all PC screens, Digital Signage, and Windows Mobile based phones.

Inbound Community Information Line Service - An important tool that is an inbound toll free service, which allows emergency professionals the ability to provide the community with timely recorded information about emergencies occurring in an area.

Digital Signage Emergency Service -
Selected features of the Blurt Desktop Alert for instant pop-up notification of alerts on Digital Signage and also has an easy to use content creation, content management, and High-Definition playback interface.

All of these services are integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solutions

 How we are rated after bid evaluations compared to other vendors ...

The comparison scorecard chart below is based on the analysis of public data available in multiple public filings regarding RFP submittals.

Ask us for detailed analysis information about a notification company you might currently be considering. See why we consistently outpace other vendors.

FirstCall is dedicated to investing in R&D to bring new "First to Market" technology to our clients